Research data requests

Requests for data for research should be submitted to the ANZNN Coordinator. Please email your completed form to and attach a research protocol and ethics approval letter for research at your hospital.

Data is available for births up to and including the year of the latest Annual Report. Neonatal data is currently available up to 2017 births and follow-up data is available for 2009-2014 births.

Note that some data variables may not be available for all of your requested cohort year(s), and that actual dates and times will not be provided.

Research request process

Briefly, the process is as follows:

  • Application is by submission of your completed ANZNN Research Request Form accompanied by your Research Protocol to the ANZNN office at
  • Once the request is deemed feasible, it will be distributed to the ANZNN Advisory Council for approval. Allow one month for this process.
  • The ANZNN office will notify you if your request is successful. If successful, you will then need to apply for local ethics approval and send the ethics approval letter to the ANZNN Office
  • The primary investigator and associates who will be handling the data are required to sign a Research Contract Agreement and return this to the ANZNN office
  • Retrieval of data is dependent on workload and available resources at the time of request.

Data request form

Conditions and principles for data release

Please review the Conditions and Principles for the release of data, outlined in the Data request form.