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Website launch


The ANZNN is very excited to announce the launch of our website which went live on 24th November 2015. The website is part of the Network's ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to members and neonatology professionals locally and internationally.

The website outlines the history and structure of the ANZNN, as well as the member units who contribute data. Key resources are available for download, including the full library of Annual Reports and current Data Dictionaries for both neonatal and 2-3 year follow-up data. Research data request guidelines and procedures are described, as well as a list of the publications arising from previous research using ANZNN data.

In order to maximise usability and accessibility,  the website has been designed to be mobile and tablet compatible.

We hope you find the website to be a useful tool. If you have any feedback or are experiencing any difficulties with the website, please contact us at